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"I was skeptical about the Jumbo screens at first, but I have to tell you, they amazed me. The fact that they prohibit a vast majority of the audience from seeing the prompter script from their seats in the house made them invaluable to my client."
Senior Executive Producer, Freeman
"The 70 inch Jumbo Bright units worked like a charm! The client and producer had not worked with them before and were apprehensive about their brightness and readability at 120’ from the stage, but neither were an issue. In fact, we had to dim down both units because they were too bright! You have a great product and I will definitely recommend and use it again."
Event Engineering Inc.
"After using Jumbo Bright prompters at an event, we will never go back! These screens give such great comfort to the presenter because they are so large with clear text and are completely concealed from the audience. We trust Al Azad to take care of us and make our presenters look so polished and professional each and every time."
Vice President of Events, Close to My Heart
"As a 20 year veteran in the teleprompter industry, I knew the first time I saw the Jumbo Bright Prompters that they brilliantly solve some seemingly unsolvable staging, production and presentation issues. And then I saw them work flawlessly for 6 hours in the 110 degree Texas heat in direct sunlight. Very few products ever make you say, “Wow!” but the Jumbo Bright Prompters do… they are just that good and there is nothing else like them. "
20-Year Operator and Former Sales Manager for Telescript
"I just wanted to offer my thanks for providing the best option for our North Texas Super Bowl Committee Concert Event with Tim McGraw at the Dallas Cowboy Stadium. Your two Jumbo Bright 45” [prompters] were the perfect solution for our event. The ease of install and the quickness of removing allowed us to give the Executives big and bright speech support. The invisibility of them for the audience and for the artist was the perfect fit."
Executive Producer, CorporateMagic Inc.
"We had the opportunity to try the Jumbo Bright prompter system for the first time at our Global Conference in an arena in front of 6000 people. The system exceeded our expectations and allowed our presenters to use the prompter system without the audience reading ahead or becoming distracted by moving text on a large rear screen. We will definitely be using the system again for our next Global Conference.'
Executive Producer
"Thank you for everything you did on such short notice to supply and set up the Jumbo Bright Prompters for our shareholders meeting [and] for helping to make our event a success."
The Hartford
"Ernst & Young hosts an annual awards banquet honoring the successes and accomplishments of entrepreneurs. We use the Jumbo Bright teleprompter at our event and the results are significant. Our guests mention the notable ease with which our keynote speakers and host conduct the evening. The host is also very pleased with the large prompter option which keeps him more visually engaged with the audience."
Ernst & Young
"Jumbo Bright saved the day in record time. My client wanted a solution for a prompter system in the back of the room that only he could see…and he told me about this need about three days before the show loaded-in. Al and his team were quick to respond and make it happen for a seamless show on-site. And, they didn’t gouge us with any last minute pricing standards. My client is enamored with Jumbo Brights and I’m enamored with Al and his team. We all need trusted and collaborative partners to be successful and I look forward to working together again soon."
Ideas with Impact, Inc.
'For as long as I can remember, we’ve tried to work around the limitations of traditional presidential teleprompters, downstage monitors that were either too low for the speaker or too high for the audience, or projected text that the audience could read — as well as the speaker. Using Jumbo Bright Prompters finally solved all of that! It’s a long overdue solution to a long-term problem.'
Vice President, O’Keefe Communications, Inc.
"I was packing up from a speaking event in which I had just experienced great frustration and even embarrassment brought on by the teleprompters. Jumbo Bright was setting up in the adjacent ballroom. Intrigued, I walked in and was provided a demonstration of their product. I was hooked! The Jumbo Bright solution put monitors directly above the heads of my audience versus below the stage on the floor. I now look at my audience and they have no idea when I am glancing at the prompters because they are where they should be, not to mention only visible by me. I have been using them for three years now and will never be without them!"
"We’ve used Jumbo Brights numerous times in the past couple of years. Clients love the idea of the audience not being able to see the written words as well as the tracking mechanism on the 70’s and 105’s. The smaller 32’s, 45’s and 60’s act as a bigger Presidential Prompting system that you can place in the front rows or deeper in the audience. The glass associated with these devices are transparent and don’t seem to distract the audience. Seems like a win-win for everyone involved."
President, ShowTx, Inc.
"Jumbo Bright, you saved the day– a great innovative product, professional operators, and a flawless performance. You are my go to solution for prompters."
SVP, Production, LEO EVENTS
"We were very pleased with the Jumbo Bright Prompter system. It addresses the age old issue with prompters in the audience. Our client was hesitant at first to the system, but after seeing it in action, was convinced it was the right fit for their show. Al was very accommodating to our project’s needs and the onsite tech, Mark was terrific to work with. We would recommend Jumbo Brights to anyone. "
Iacono Productions
"I loved that our presenters who use TelePrompter weren’t stuck behind a lectern, and that their eye-line was where it should be, looking at the audience rather than above or below. And even for setups with round banquet tables, we didn’t have to worry about audience members reading along, as the prompter text was virtually invisible. "
Harris Goldman Productions
"Jumbo Bright offers professional prompter solutions with both their industry cutting edge equipment and service as prompting professionals. As our clients place their trust in us to deliver definitive prompting solutions…we in turn trust Jumbo Bright to help deliver those results. "
Executive Producer
"Our event combined presentations in the round, sweeping overhead jib shots, and a client that was adamant about not letting the cameras or audience see any prompter monitors. Jumbo Bright was the only possible solution. It let us deliver on our client’s needs without bending the laws of time, space, or physics."
Gray Matter Digital
"This was our first time working with Jumbo Bright (the technology or the company) and we were very pleased with both. The large format system worked flawlessly and was instantly a hit with the presenters. We are sure to be using it and your prompting services again and again!"
Executive Producer & Director, PRA [Formerly One Smooth Stone]
"Since discovering Jumbo Bright at NAB in 2009, I’ve been looking for the opportunity to try them on show site. When I got the opportunity at a recent show, I was really impressed at their performance. No one in the audience could read the prompter, yet everyone on stage could read without a problem. The setup and focus of the 70″ projection models went very quickly and was versatile. We had 2 on their floor stands and one we flew off of truss. Adjustments to obtain the best angle to the stage and minimize or eliminate off-axis viewing was very simple. Hardware is expertly constructed and sturdy. I look forward to using them on many more shows in the future."
3D Technical Direction
"I just wanted to thank you again for supplying the Jumbo Bright prompters. They were a big hit! Thanks a million!"
The August Jackson Company
"The most important part of my job as a producer is getting the message across to the audience. Jumbo Bright prompters help do that in a manner that makes the presenters not only look as if they are relating one-on-one to the audience, but also helps the presenters to relax during their presentation."
VP Production & Operations, VT2 Studios
"I’ve worked in live event production for over 15 years and have used many different teleprompter systems, but I have been extremely impressed with the Jumbo Bright teleprompter system. It really works nicely for events that are video recorded where you don’t want the audience or cameras to see the teleprompter in the back of the room. It’s amazing how focused and large the view is for the presenter, but as soon as you step off axis a few feet, the image is gone. This is an excellent solution for teleprompting with a live audience as well as recorded events."
Rental Manager, Poll Sound
"I’d like to thank Jumbo Bright for helping to make our show a success. The adjustable height and large viewing glass makes it very easy for the presenters. The assembly is simple and quick and the staff is easy to contact and eager to help. It’s a pleasure to partner with a company like Jumbo Bright. Thanks, and I look forward to future projects together."
Production Manager, Advanced Staging Productions
"Using the Jumbos this year was a fantastic upgrade to our presenters’ and audience’s experience. Our presenters loved the feel and ease of these new prompters and I noticed that it greatly reduced their anxieties about using a Teleprompter."
Vice President Media & Events, USANA Health Sciences
"Jumbo Bright’s technology is innovative and dependable and their staff is professional, knowledgeable and a pleasure to work with."
Baruch/Gayton Entertainment Group
"We loved the Jumbo Bright screens."
"Thank you for your support of the University of Utah Commencement in 2008 and 2009. The use of the Jumbo Bright Prompters was a nice addition in 2009. The speakers report having the prompter at the rear of the auditorium was a very nice addition for them and they enjoyed the freedom of being able to look directly down a center line at the large display."
Former Sr. Associate VP, Student Affairs Enrollment Management, University of Utah
"Jumbo Bright’s prompter displays make my job a lot easier. I don’t have to work around them like I do with regular teleprompters. And my clients appreciate how discreet they are. Jumbo Bright is definitely the way to go."
Sales and Marketing Professional
"Jumbo Bright prompters offer a workable alternative to floor monitors which force presenters to look down when using the teleprompter. We look forward to teaming up with you at future events."
Executive Vice President, CMS Communications
"I was skeptical at first, but seeing your system in action impressed me, which isn’t easy. I will definitely add you to my Bag O’ Tricks!"
Technical Director
"I thought the gear performed as advertised. It made our in-the-round set up much easier for the presenters as they were easily able to peer out over the audience and see their text. Your team was very helpful and great to work with."
Go Productions
"We couldn’t have been more pleased with our Jumbo Bright experience. Everything from [their] professionalism and responsiveness to the quality of the equipment was top-notch. Use of a teleprompter was a nice addition to our Commencement ceremony this year, and – again – I appreciate [their] reliable (and amazing!) products and impressive customer service."
Assistant to the President, Snow College
"While Jumbo Bright Prompters’ displays work well for indoor applications, [they] really shine when used in extreme conditions. Jumbo Bright’s displays are not just a good idea technically; these units are very well designed, unbelievably light weight for their size, easy to assemble, and easy to operate and break down into well conceived shipping cases which make transportation to and from the job site easy. "
Tennessee Prompters
"I love showing new technology to my clients that makes us both look smart. Jumbo Bright prompter displays are easy to use, easy to assemble, and easy to strike. I will recommend Jumbo Bright again and again."
Executive Producer, GO Productions!
"Jumbo Bright prompters work perfectly for our company. They are always able to find the best fit for our group and our budget. Their staff is second to none and helps us make our presentations the best they can be. Their flexibility and professional attitude make them where we go for our prompter needs."
Global Events Director
"Last year we had issues with executives who were not used to prompters; nothing seemed to work. This year we changed up to using the 32” Jumbo Bright prompters and never once heard an issue about the teleprompters. Keep in mind, we had over 15 speakers, most of whom had never worked with prompters of any kind before. Wow what a difference we had this year."
"Weber State University would like to thank you for your timely set-up, professionalism with the interaction with our dignitaries, staff and reasonable fees. We look forward to our continued relationship for our graduation commencements."
Event Coordinator, Weber State University
"Adding Jumbo Bright’s teleprompting services to our annual fundraising gala has made our event more professional and motivating than ever before. Al Azad and his team have provided the right equipment, the right tools, and the right direction to ensure the perfect pitch to our supporters!"
President and CEO, Mentors International
"Jumbo Bright has been the best answer yet for getting high visibility prompters in to large scale applications. The floor-based systems foster better eye contact with the audience, and presenters love that fact that the audience isn’t reading along with them like they would with a traditional projection setup."
Image Technologies Corporation
"Whenever I use Jumbo Bright, my presenters look so much better, both to the audience and on camera. The presenters are looking at the audience and at the cameras and not down at the floor. There is also one less thing to deal with as the down stage monitors become an element with no discussion. In addition, by recommending them, it makes me look like the smartest kid on the block."
Marlyn Productions
"We were very pleased using Al’s team with Jumbo Bright Prompters. The techs were very reliable and the prompters added value to the client’s event presentation which made VTG look good."
Vice President of Sales, Vision Technical Group, Inc.
"I don’t know how we ever did our 1200-person gala before Jumbo Bright. We love working with Al and Kevin and the team. They are incredibly easy to work with, upbeat, and flexible. Using teleprompters has improved our speaker experience and made our evening flow even better than before! We would highly recommend adding this crucial element to your next event. You will rest easy."
Director of Development
"My favorite thing about Jumbo Bright isn’t the cool way the prompter follows the presenter as they move about the stage or that no one in the audience can read what is on the large screens behind them… no, my favorite thing is that regardless of the prompter platform we need, every client I work with loves the consistently professional and accommodating way Al and his team present themselves. I always get requests for them to come back and support the next event…. what better endorsement could I give."
Mark Christopher Productions
"There are some situations where only a Jumbo Bright will do. The talent loves them, which means I love them!"
Marc Wollin Productions
"As a Teleprompter Technician for over 15 years, I know from experience that it is hard to please everyone. The technical staff doesn’t like to have to work around the Presidential system… yet the Presenter doesn’t want monitors in the back of the room for fear that the audience will turn around and read along. The Jumbo Bright Direct View 70, 105 Prompters solve both issues. There is nothing on-stage for the set design/lighting team to work around… and the audience can’t see what the presenter is saying! The best of both worlds!! "
Ansonia Prompting