Jumbo Bright Prompters

What makes Jumbo Bright displays better than Regular Prompters?

Why Jumbo Bright?

Ultra-Bright Text

Jumbo Bright provides the brightest prompters in the industry. In fact, the text is so bright, you can comfortably read your notes outdoors – even in bright sunlight! Compare that to regular prompters, which become harder to read the farther they’re placed from presenters.

Invisible to the Audience

​Jumbo Bright’s patented directional display technology makes it so that only presenters see their speaker notes on the screen. These words are invisible to the audience. Many times, with traditional prompters, audience members can easily read the prompter speech, either in the back of the room or on downstage monitors. And these words usually ends up in camera shots that show up on the main screens.

Realistic Eye Contact

With Jumbo Bright, presenters make more natural eye contact with their audience. Traditional prompters often create an awkward eye-line, leading to presenters looking down at the ground, up at the ceiling, or delivering the “ping pong presentation.” Jumbo Bright’s size, brightness and directionality give you greater options for placement in the room – and as a result – lead to better eye contact and greater connection with the audience.

Clutter-Free Stage

Jumbo Bright prompters are designed to be placed away from presenters. This contributes to a clutter-free stage, and helps eliminate shadows, obstructions, and reflections – problems usually associated with presidential teleprompters.